When deciding if VoIP is the right choice for your business, there are many reasons why it can be a good move. There are many options available both with the latest, brand new and NBN ready IP phone systems, or retro fitting your existing traditional analogue system.

If you are due to upgrade an outdated system in the near future, it's a great idea to start thinking about what voice over IP can offer. A Panasonic system has the capacity to facilitate VoIP on every level, whether it is for SIP lines, VoIP extensions, IP Gateways to remote sites or remote workers even while abroad.

Not only can you have great call rates on VoIP via SIP lines, including low cost line rental, but you can also get a phone system that can improve your business communications with a wide spectrum of benefits.


Key Benefits of VoIP/SIP Services:

  • Flexibility - Relocate you lines to anywhere, anytime
  • Call Costs - Get low cost call rates to everywhere
  • No Set Up Fees - Get lines quick, no install charge
  • No More Contracts - Usually no fixed terms
  • Digital Clarity - Enjoy crystal clear conversations

The future of communications is VoIP, so why not get accustomed to it and see why it is the right direction for your business. There is a growing list of business owners who are breaking through the mystery associated with VoIP and getting real money savings on their monthly bills.

If you think it's all a bit high tech then don't worry, you are in safe hands. We can implement a VoIP solution for your company that won't impact on your operations, but will give you fantastic service and put money back in your pocket. VoIP uses your existing internet service to access an online server.

It converts voice signals into IP packets, sending them digitally through your internet connection as IP traffic. The voice is treated as data and is encrypted so that it is secure. The devices at each end of the conversation do all the converting so it seems like a traditional phone call. There is really no difference to the end user, except the price!

A VoIP phone system can work for you, call us for more information on 0406611538.