Upgrade your existing PBX to NBN, VoIP/SIP Services

So you've probably been getting nuisance calls from Telco companies, telling you that the NBN is coming to your area imminently and that if you don't upgrade your outdated phone system in time, you won't be compatible and will lose your current business lines. Well, there is some truth to that depending on your location, but there's no need to be rushed and bullied in to spending a fortune on a whole new set up.

Your current PBX is probably capable of running the new services, by either adding additional hardware, cards and/or licenses if it is less than 5 years old. But even if it isn't, there are third party devices that can be used to retrofit between your analogue PBX line ports and your new IP based SIP lines.

Out with the Old, in with the New

The old standard for business lines has been either PSTN lines or ISDN lines. PSTN lines are basic analogue lines, the same as you may have at home. ISDN lines are digital services, and only work when connected to a compatible PBX phone system. Both line technologies are scalable depending on how many concurrent calls are required.

This standard is now being replaced with an IP based standard, called SIP, which runs through any internet service. Now that the NBN is rolling out, the amount of bandwidth available to run data and phone calls through the same service is a realistic option, due to the improved download and upload speeds of the fibre optic service delivery.

How can I Make the Switch?

Moving from old to new doesn't have to be hard. You can consult with your service provider who will have a timeline of when the upgrade will occur. They will need you to make contact with a Telecoms professional that is specialised in migrating phone services and that understands your existing hardware and needs.

You can often add an ATA (Analogue Telephone Adapter) to your network and have that convert the SIP lines back in to a PSTN style signal that will be compatible with your PBX. This may work for some, but a more integrated solution would be most advisable. Your phone system will either add new IP cards and licenses for the SIP, or otherwise you may need to replace the control unit all together.

Many PBX system vendors have made their latest IP-PBX system compatible with their older handsets, so you often only need to change the box. This hybrid style of system is especially suited to sites that don't yet have CAT5e or CAT6 network cabling run to their phones, therefore needing a unit that will connect phones via traditional phone sockets.

So what would we recommend?

Our IP-PBX system of choice is the latest Panasonic range. Many customers are still using the robust and reliable systems they are renowned for, but many are being swayed in to believing they need to replace it.

Updating your existing kit will be a fraction of the cost and will guarantee a reliable set up for your business, which can't afford to take risks on cloud based solutions that are complicating the critical services your business relies on.

Let us help to consult and plan a migration that will be both efficient and effective. We are the experts you need to make the move. Please contact us today and get started.